Lightweight Analytics

Metric data

Visitor Numbers

Number of people visiting the QRBoxx platform using Trackboxx, a lightweight web analytics software.

Page Views

An overview of what pages have been accessed and how much time was spent on those pages.

Outgoing Links

Data showing what links have been opened on the platform and to where visitors have been directed.

UTM Management

Create UTM parameters using the URL builder and track their performance and conversions.


Information on what device has been used to access the platform and activity of session.

Public URL

Share metric data using a public URL for transparency about what data is being collected.

How does the data help?

Having the ability to monitor the platform provides incite as to what visitors are looking for and how often. This helps identify what categories are most popular and those that under performing. Having access to this information creates an opportunity to focus on a certain area or business type.

Once the platform is fully developed, each business will be able to access the platform via a public URL to see how much engagement they have received.

The local authorities can also use this data to identify trends in their town and also help support businesses with their digital content.


Is Trackboxx GDPR compliant?

In accordance with EU regulations, Trackboxx is 100% GDPR compliant. After leaving the EU the United Kingdom has been working on new regulations. If there are any issues with the data that is collected, Trackboxx can address these issues to meet any requirement.

What does Trackboxx cost?

Anyone can visit the Trackboxx website and subscribe for their services. The cheapest package starts at €3,90 a month, there is also a free 30 day trial. QRBoxx is working on an agreement with Trackboxx to have this service built in to the platform. A public URL will be available to everyone for free. If businesses or the authorities would like to benefit from the tools available within Trackboxx, this will be available as part of a subscription package with QRBoxx direct.

How does the tracking work?

Trackboxx web analysis works 100% without the use of cookies and storage of personal data.

We use the visitor's IP address and some other parameters (not personal data) once and generate a "hash" to "track" the visitor while on the site. This hash is stored for a maximum of 24 hours and then automatically deleted. Therefore a subsequent recognition is impossible.

It is not possible to see a visitor's history, nor is it possible to decrypt an IP from the hash.

Furthermore, we only store the most necessary data such as number of visitors, page views, origin, bounce rate and end device. 

Hash & decryption in detail:

We create 2 hash values. One for the visitor and one for the page that is called.

User Hash: Signature Hash + IP + User Agent + SiteID + Current Day

Page Hash: Signature Hash + IP + User Agent + SiteID + Hostname + Path + Current Day

The signature hash is renewed every day, which means that the data cannot be decrypted afterwards.

Trackboxx compared to Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a service from Google that is used on millions of websites. The service is 100% free of charge for the end user. The reason for this is that Google evaluates and processes the data for its own offers, evaluations etc.

With Trackboxx we offer a GDPR-compliant tracking analysis, which processes and visualizes your visitor statistics without cookies and without storing and processing personal data. 

To offer this service, the use of Trackboxx is subject to a fee.

How do I use the UTM managment system?

If you have full access to the tools available within Trackboxx, you can easily set up your UTM parameters using the integrated URL Builder. There are instructions on how to do this. It is a very straight forward process.

The generated UTM parameter then needs to be used as the link to your advert, social media etc. Each time the link is clicked, Trackboxx will monitor its performance and will be displayed on your dashboard.

UTM Parameters are also linked to Goal Conversions so you can monitor what actions have taken place. eg. Your social media advert can be set up to sign up for a newsletter, this conversion will be displayed.

Does the data have to be stored in Germany?

No it doesn´t. Data is a very sensitive issue and Trackboxx are looking at implementing a Self-Hosted option. This is something that would have to discussed with all parties.

If you would like to discuss how QRBoxx can help support your town, please get in touch.

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