Connecting Your Community

Providing communities with a digital tool to help support and promote local businesses and activities with a strong focus on creating an inclusive society

Designed to empower communities
and take control of their information

What we do

We provide your town or city with a platform that enables local businesses to list themselves for free. Each business can create a profile and assign their services to a category to help refine the search. Businesses can also add an unlimted amount of tags that describe their products or services to improve visibility on the platform.

So it is basically a directory?

On face value it may appear to be, but the platform has more tools available for businesses to help improve how they can be found. We provide an easy-to-use submission form so that registered business owners can add promotions and events as and when they please. It only takes a couple of minutes for submissions to be approved and then they can be seen on the platform.

Click on the links below to get a better idea on how the platform is presented.

How does it all work?

So now we have a populated list of local businesses, promotions and events, all we need to do is raise awareness to people visiting the area about what is on offer and on how to access the platform. 

A great way to do this is by displaying QR Codes around your town or city. Ideally, they should go on display in shop windows, parking stations, bus stations and on information boards. Anybody visiting your area can now scan the QR Code and gain access to all the listings that have been submitted to the platform. 

Here is a great example on how to display QR Codes in shop windows. In Rhyl there are over 150 QR Codes on display promoting over 300 local businesses. 

It is important that when any printing is done that local businesses are used. Scene Points is a local printing business and together with other businesses they have sponsored the stickers.

It has never been easier to support
local businesses and the community

Our partners

Abby Pilling
Rhyl BID Manager

Rhyl BID is delighted to have partnered with QR Boxx, and to have worked with Simon over the course of the last year, to launch this community resource in Rhyl.

QR Boxx is a comprehensive digital tool that supports cohesive town management, benefitting both the residential and business communities, by bringing “all things Rhyl” together under one easily accessible umbrella – events, promotions, offers, consultations, reporting and sorting functions, town loyalty programmes, charitable offers, community groups – all can be added to QR Boxx quickly, and viewed directly via the platform itself from near and far, by locals and visitors, and of course, shared across social media too.

QR Boxx is underpinned by Simon’s own core values, which is evidenced by his responsiveness and adaptability, as well as in the functionality of the tool, where user experience is simplified for both those adding and viewing content, and never interrupted by third party adverts, pop-ups, or sales tactics Simon has delivered a number of well-received sessions to members of Rhyl’s community, who responded positively to both QR Boxx, and also Simon’s core values.

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