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To meet your customer and business needs, we design the code with menu cards, image carousels, submit a review links, business information and more.


We design a QR Code to match the facilities of your hotel. Batch codes can also be used in different rooms, providing guests with access to information.


A code to share public documents with employees. Feedback forms can also be added to get that important feedback from your staff.

Information Boards

Create one code and then manage the information from your office. Audio files and other various formats can also be added to reach a wider audience.


Provide information about your facilities and create links to request assistance. Ideally at the entrance of your premises to ensure a pleasant visit.


Use one code to manage your promotions. Together we design your code to meet the requirements for people visiting your venue.

So how does it work?

Research & Analysis

First of all, we review your business needs & goals and identify how it is that your business model would benefit most from using QR Codes.

Then we design the information architecture (IA), to accommodate a mobile device using the Mobile First Design process. Your customers need quick access to specific information about your business, and we identify this and present it to you.

Once you are happy with our recommendations, we create something similar to a One-Page Website that is hosted on our server.


But I can create my own QR Code?

Yes this is true! But you will find that you only have a static QR code that creates a link to existing information - so basically a shortcut.

We create a new URL for you and present your information for access with a mobile device. Any changes that we make back-end, are automatically updated to the QR Code. This allows you to make changes whenever you like and the code does not have to be changed. Your code need not be printed again and therefore no further costs are incurred.

We are continously improving ways to display information and keep you up-to-date about any new developments.


How do I know my QR Code is helping me?

With our QR Code service we can also provide you with a tool to track its performance. Using our software Trackboxx.com, you can monitor the interactions with your code. The software is GDPR compliant meaning no personal data is collected.

There are various tools available such as UTM tracking allowing you to set parameters to follow the performance of your code. If this is something you haven´t done before, we can provide assistance in setting this up.

This service is also available for websites. Using our software means you do not have display a cookie banner to visitors to your website.



What can I use the code for?

To get straight the point - Anything! 

Businesses are always looking for ways to present information and reach out to existing and potential customers. Oftentimes, this can be very expensive, social media, Google ads, printing, re-printing and so on....

Our QR code designs tackle many of these challenges. They are easily shared, cost effective, and also have less of an impact on the environment.

It is your code, you choose who can advertise on your space, and you control how the information is presented.


I thought QR Codes are finished with?

Created back in 1994, QR Codes have oftentimes been mocked for their usability and their purpose. More recently, we have seen a resurgence of this tech and they can be found everywhere! Restaurants use them for menu cards, different Countries around the World are using them as ID cards, and more. This contactless tech has now found its place in society.

High resolution mobile devices have also played a roll in this. Back in 90´s you would never have dreamed of being able to scan a code and access the internet - times have changed.


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