Using one QR Code
to help support
a whole town.



One QR Code

We design a platform for your town that is accessed via one QR Code. The platform can manage various aspects of your town.

Small Businesses

Any business can register for free to be listed on the platform. This creates a "Sense of Place" for businesses to become part of a network.

Local Events

Each business can load up their local events to the platform. Every entry is automatically updated to the displayed QR Code around your town.

Promotions & Vouchers

To support local spending, the platform can assist businesses with a voucher scheme to encourage visitors to your town to spend at your shops.


Visitors to your town can access local information designed by locals. No download is required and there is no third party advertising on the platform.

Authorities / Council

Engage with businesses, local residents and visitors to your town on one platform. The perfect tool to combine all of your efforts as a network.

What is QRBoxx?

A Pilot Scheme in North Wales

QRBoxx is currently at the concept stage. The platform has been running in the town of Rhyl, North Wales for the last 5 months. 

The intentions of QRBoxx are to collate all the information about one town and then provide the public with access via one QR Code. There are no restrictions on what data is displayed. 

With over 250 local businesses listed on the platform, general feedback has been very positive about how this can support businesses and the community. The local authorities have also been supporting this and we are exchanging ideas on how to further improve the platform.



What do businesses get?

Each business has a card to display there information on the platform. In addition there are 3 buttons available which in theory could be used for anything. We reccommend a link to social media, a telephone number and a website as a standard.

Currently the cards are designed and uploaded by QRBoxx, but going forward each business will be able to manage their own entry after signing up on the platform.

Business events an promotions can also be added to the platform. 

This service is free and will remain that way. Small businesses have had a difficult time over the last 2 years and QRBoxx has been created to support their needs and achieve their goals. There will be optional subscriptions added later which will have no impact on using this current free service.

Supporting tourism!

People visiting your town have access to local information, our motto for Rhyl - Rhyl in the palm of your hand! By scanning one code people visiting your town can view businesses, local events, promotions and much more!

There are no intrusions! There will never be third party advertising on the platform and no personal data is required to access it. When the platform is fully developed, there will be a sign up option to receive notifications about offers and events in a chosen town.

QRBoxx will aim to be an inclusive platform. Providing accessibilty information for locals and people visiting a town is a positive. Throughout the design process accessibility options for using the platform will be implemented to ensure everyone has the same opportunities.


A great tool for town councils!

Businesses and the general public are engaging with the platform. They will be managing their own content and have a tool to reach out to public who are on their doorstep! 

An opportunity for you!

With administrative access you can further support businesses, provide the public with information, and also interact with everyone on the same platform. Survey´s and opinion polls can reach thousands of people in an instant. Implement a loyalty scheme to reward the community champions who register issues with the area, and much more.....

The biggest benefit is that QRBoxx is in the development stage and you have the opportunity to influence the design process. Oftentimes, tech companies sell you a solution, here you have the chance to create your own.

When will QRBoxx be fully developed?

To help speed up the process it would be good to have around 6-10 towns that would like to sign up for QRBoxx.

The design and development of the platform itself will take 6 months. The first stage is a vigorous UX Design process were clients will be invited to join 3 workshops so that we can work together to ensure we meet your requirements. During this time usability testing will take place on prototypes and survey´s will take place with all stakeholders.

The development of the platform will also take 3 months to complete the first iteration. 

After the platform has been officially launched it will be monitored for 2 months to gain valuable feedback about the usability. After this period we will revisit the initial design and apply relevant changes. Further iterations will have no impact on the performance of the platform and will only be updates.

If you would like to discuss how QRBoxx can help support your town, please get in touch.

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