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What is QRBoxx?

QRBoxx is a platform that helps present information about your town or city to the general public by scanning a QR code. The community and local authorities are responsible for adding and managing the content to help assist local services and for people visiting the area.

Our main focus is to help support local SME´s promote their products and services. The pandemic has had a negative impact on small businesses, to the point that they have had to close their doors.

This is currently a concept and we are working on the development of this service.

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Local SME´s can list themselves for FREE and use the various features that we are creating to promote their products and services.


A Local Events section allows anybody to submit an event that is taking place in the area over the next 12 months.


Promote inclusive activities and provide accessibility information about your town or city so more people enjoy their visit.

How does it all work?

QRBoxx uses QR codes to access information about your town or city. The QR codes are displayed in lucrative locations around your area so that anyone can access the content.

To help adhere to data privacy guidelines, no personal data is required when you scan the code. There will be a signing up option once the platform is developed so that members can request notifications about special offers and events.

QRBoxx is currently running a pilot-scheme in Rhyl, North Wales which can be accessed on the link below.

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Once you have set the platform up for your town or city, you can display posters around your area for the general public to access the information. Ideal locations are information boards that are found in busy areas of your town or city.

This is a very cheap method to promote hundreds of businesses at once. It is important that the QR code is protected by a cover and can not be accessed. QR codes are very easy to manipulate so this is very important.

It is also important to have the QR code positioned at the bottom of the design. This makes sure that anyone using a wheelchair can also access the information.

The URL behind the code is set up with UTM parameters. This means you can track how often the code has been scanned and from which location.

Another way to improve visibility is to have window stickers on display by the businesses that have been listed on the platform. Currently there are over 65 locations diplaying the code around Rhyl. Every business owner was more than happy to do this because they know they are helping to support their community and other businesses.

Again, to avoid any manipulation of the QR code, the stickers are applied to the inside of the window and accessed from outside.

UTM parameters are also used here to monitor how often the window displays have been scanned. The parameters can be changed to identify from which business they have been scanned to help monitor footfall in that area.

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Most recently a local Taxi firm has requested 50 stickers for their fleet of vehicles to promote businesses from the area. Community spirit is on the rise and QRBoxx is a tool that the businesses can use to promote each other at no cost. The code is also monitored to see how often it is accessed.

Planned features


SME´s can create redeemable vouchers that are instantly available to the public when accessing the QR code.


An administration area for the local authorities to manage content and  engage with the general public.


Accessibility features to improve on how information is presented to reach a wider audience.


User friendly interface for SME´s to manage their content to share with the public and on social media.


Cross promotions for SME´s to share special offers between each other and encourage local spending.


The ability to make appointments and book events with local businesses and manage your activities.

And much more....

The benefits

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FREE support for local SME´s

Unlimited list of events

Access vouchers and promotions

Cross promotions between SME´s

No third party advertising

Accessible information

Instant access using QR codes

Is this something for you?

Are you looking for new ways to support your town?
Are you tired from misuse of personal data?
Would you like to create an inclusive town or city?
Are you a local council or business development organisation searching for solutions?

QRBoxx is offering a 6 month free trial period to councils and government institutions across the UK. If this is something of interest to you please submit your details below. The trial period will begin once the platform has been fully developed.

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